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Is Congress Going to Kill Credit Card Rewards?

Credit card rewards have been the crown jewel of the credit card industry for years. From frequent flyer miles to cash back, these perks incentivize consumers to spend, and often, to remain loyal to specific credit card brands. However, a recent article from NerdWallet has brought to light the possibility of Congress playing a significant […]

Discover CEO Roger Hochschild resigns

Discover CEO Roger Hochschild's Resignation: The End of an Era In a surprising turn of events, Roger Hochschild, the CEO of Discover Financial Services, recently announced his resignation. His departure marks the end of an influential tenure, which has seen Discover grow in various dimensions, further establishing its position as one of the leading financial […]

What is FedNow?

It's an exciting time in the financial world. The Federal Reserve is shaking things up with its introduction of the FedNow Service. This innovative instant payment service, aiming to operate around the clock, seven days a week, is set to significantly change how transactions occur, affecting credit card processing and providing potential benefits for small […]

What POS System is right for my business?

Before you dive into what each POS provider has to offer, get a baseline understanding of what your business needs to operate. If you’re just starting out, for instance, you likely need hardware, software, and something that’s simple and easy-to-use out of the box. If you’re at a more advanced growth stage, you may need […]

The Dangers of Accepting Checks and the Need for an ACH Solution

As a small business owner, it's always a top priority to make transactions easy and convenient for your customers. Traditionally, businesses have relied on various payment methods, including cash, checks, debit and credit cards. However, as our economy evolves and financial technologies advance, these traditional payment methods are increasingly overshadowed by more modern, efficient, and […]

Finding a Reliable Credit Card Processor: Strategies for Trust

In today's digitized world, the essence of successful business operations heavily relies on secure and efficient payment processes. If you're a business owner, you're well aware that accepting credit cards is not just an option but a necessity to stay competitive. To achieve this, you need a reliable credit card processor. But with a myriad […]

Protect your business from E-commerce fraud

Consider this scenario: You find yourself engrossed in the world of social media, leisurely scrolling through various posts and updates. Suddenly, a stroke of luck befalls you. The online store that you hold dear announces an enticing deep-discount sale, accompanied by the added perk of free shipping. Naturally, your interest is piqued, and without hesitation, […]

Navigating Financial Straits: Merchant Services Cash Advance.

Title: Navigating Financial Straits: How Merchant Services Cash Advance Empowers Small Business Owners Small businesses have been the bedrock of our society and the economy for years. They inspire innovation, foster community engagement, and create numerous job opportunities. However, as promising as the small business sector may be, it's not immune to financial challenges. At […]

Credit Card Surcharging: How Businesses and Customers can Benefit

There's a well-known saying in the business world: "Nothing comes for free". It encapsulates the notion that every aspect of running a business, no matter how small, carries a cost. One of these costs, often overlooked, is the fee associated with credit card transactions. Credit card processing fees can cut into a company's profit margins, […]
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